Dorm Makeover Ideas For College Student

Dorm Makerover , Dorm decor , Dorm makeover ideas , dream catcher tapestry, mensfluent

So you just recently moved to a new place or just wanted to change the whole vibe of your dorm room and make it look alive and fresh with some personal touch. In this article, I will give some dorm makeover ideas for dorm rooms and how to decorate your space as well under budget for college students.

But before talking about how to do so or what to buy, the first most crucial step is to decide or imagine how to want your dorm to look. What things you like because your room is not my room, so its better to add your personal touch to your room. Checkout Dorm Essentials For College Students

No -1 Tapestry

Dorm Makerover , Dorm decor , Dorm makeover ideas , dream catcher tapestry, mensfluent

The first thing which would change the complete room’s vibes is a tapestry. The tapestry can change the empty wall look great and can change the whole place to an art piece.

It is not necessary to have the same tapestry shown in the image above, but you can hang any tapestry according to your taste if you like it though you can completely copy the look.

No – 2 Clock

Clocks are essential for the room as well as for the person too. If you like to do things on time and are very punctual about time, then you should have one.

A lovely clock can be an excellent decorative piece without breaking the budget and over decorating the room.

No – 3 Canvas Wall Art

Canvas wall art can ultimately increase the look from 6 to a perfect 10. wall art is fantastic if you are a minimalist guy, and like you have thing less possible.

Canvas wall art can make your room have an artistic vibe and give a personal touch.

No – 4 Full Length Mirror

A full-length mirror is essential for checking out the outfits as well as it can indirectly decorate the room. The mirror can bring a ton of light a make your room look bright.

No – 5 Lamps

Lighting can make a ton of difference in the room and can completely change the vibe of the place. The lamp is great for nights to create an excellent moody space.

No – 5 RGB Light

RGB lights are my favorite when it comes to complete makeover in the budget. RGB lights can change your room to red to blue no matter what color you like.

If you want to party in your dorm, trust me, it can make your room like a club.

Essential No 6 – Bed Sheets

Bed sheets are so important and which could not be compromised because you don’t want to use the used bed sheet. So if you like hygiene and think to bring your Bedsheets, this must be essential.

Mostly I prefer to use White bed sheets or light-colored bed sheets because white looks clean, and it can lighten your room by bouncing light, and your room would look alive and fresh.

Essential No 7 – Blackout Curtain

Dorm Makerover , Dorm decor , Dorm makeover ideas , dream catcher tapestry, mensfluent

Blackout Curtains are essential if you don’t like the light in the room during sleep during day time. Blackout Curtains are necessary because they can be beneficial, especially in summer.

It will help to reduce your room temperature and block the light completely. It can also be useful for privacy.

No – 8 Rug

Rugs are incredible for improving noise cancellation as well as decoration. Buy mats according to your color theme.

Essential No 9 Duvet/ Comforter

Duvet is essential if you want to sleep like a baby, be productive the next day, and can make your bed book more luxurious. Sleep determines the productiveness. So good sleep is essential, and at the end of the day tiring day, what you want is good sleep. It will keep you warm at night and maintain a good sleep.

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