How to Prevent Hair Fall

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Thinning hair or hair fall could be a nightmare and can lead to low self-esteem. 70 % of our looks or beauty are consist of hair, and hair fall can be very frustrating. Healthy hair can boost your confidence as well as your eyes. Learn how to prevent hair fall or how to reduce hair fall fast.

Before talking about remedies, we need to know what causes hair fall.

Thinning of hair or hair fall can be caused because of several factors such as hormonal changes, change of weather, pollution, water, lack of nutrients, poor hygiene, lack of proper diet, hair products, heating of hair, stress, or genetics.

So you need to know whats your case. If it’s uncontrollable, please consult a doctor as soon as possible to avoid damages or permanent loss.

Step 1 – Stop Using Hair Product

Hair products can lead to hair fall and long term hair damages such as premature bald, premature greying of hair, hair fall, and hair thinning.

Hair products as hair spray, hair gel, wax, pomade, shampoo, etc. are some example of hair products.

It contains harmful chemicals, no matter how expensive it is. It will always be dangerous.

So if your job is like in which you need to use hair products very ofter try to use products which contain low chemical and Paraben-free.

Avoid cheaper products because here is the reason that affordable products contain cheap and hair ingredients to make more profits and low cost.

So cheap products will save your money now but in the long run. It will be more expensive because of the treatment afterward.

Step 2 – Stop Heating Your hair

Heating your hair such straightening, blow-drying, coloring your hair can damage and weaken your root hence cause hair fall.

So if your job is like of in you need to use is daily or very often use a heat protectant such as argan oil.

Argan oil is a very good hair protectant but try to avoid heating your hair if possible.

Step 3 – Stop Using Harmful Chemical Shampoo

Buying shampoo from a good brand might contain more chemicals. Always read ingredients before buying.

Use shampoo, which has hair fall prevent ingredients or shampoo designed for specific tasks in your case hair fall.

Use a mild shampoo to wash your hair with lukewarm water. Do not wash with hot water it will increase hair fall rapidly

Step 4 – Stop Washing Your Hair Daily

Avoid washing your hair daily because washing your hair every day can lead to removing the Natural/essential oil generated by our body to keep your hair healthy.

Step 5 – Stop Drying Hair While Hair is Wet

Avoid drying your hair while your hair is wet because our hair is more sensitive when its damp and could be pulled or damaged while drying your hair.

Always let your hair dry naturally and try to towel dry gently ,not harshly ,as we know out hair is more sensitive when wet.

Also, avoid blow-drying your hair in case you don’t have time to let it dry naturally use heat protectants such as Argan oil.

Step 6 – Stop Over Oiling Your Hair

We know to oil and massaging hair are good for hair, but over oiling can lead to clogging your pore/root, which can lead to acne, itchy scalp, etc. hence lead to hair fall.

Try to oil your hair once or twice a week. Not more than that, keep the oil overnight wash it the next morning.

Step 7 – Stop taking stress

Stress is a significant factor of hair fall, and in the world of now, Stress is very much, which can lead to hair fall.

Even if you are stressing about your hair loss can lead or boost your hair fall. So sit down, have a cup of tea or coffee, and relax.


Tip No 1 – Have a Healthy Rich Diet

Diet is essential because even after doing all the steps above or using every oil, it will not work if you are having deficiencies of nutrients to grow healthy hair.

So a healthy, rich diet is essential, and what I mean by a rich diet is to eat foods that are beneficial for your body. If you eat well, you will look good.

Food which is good for hair, as well as your body, given below:

Eggs –

It is a very good source of protein. It contains, Vitamin A: 6% RDA, Folate: 5% RDA, Vitamin B5: 7% RDA, Vitamin B12: 9% RDA, Vitamin B2: 15% RDA.

 Phosphorus: 9% RDA, Selenium: 22% RDA Eggs 

Also contain reasonable quantities of vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin B6, Calcium, and zinc

Chicken,spinach,sweet potato,bean and lentils etc

Tip No 2 – Use Minoxidil

Minoxidil contains botanical extracts and emollient to help maintain a healthy, conditioned scalp. Plus, alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) to promote natural skin exfoliation to help keep follicles open.

Tip No 3 – Use Derma Roller

Using a Derma roller on the hairline can increase the blood flow near the Hair follicle. It can lead to provide more oxygen and nutrient to the hair.

But you have to be cautious because it can damage your skin if not used correctly, and before using it on the face, Make sure to put it in rubbing alcohol for 5 min which will kill germs.


Tip 4 – Use Beard Oil

Beard oil can increase beard growth as well as hair growth by providing the essential vitamin needed to grow a beard and hair.

So if your body is lacking the essential nutrient needed to grow a beard as well as hair, it’s a great option to try.

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If you are having a severe issue, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible.

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