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How To Make Your Hair Cut Look Fresh

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A fresh haircut can make you look fresh and sharp but a getting haircut, again and again, could be expensive and time-consuming. In this, I article I will tell you a very simple trick to maintain your new haircut look fresh for a long period of time. Learn How to make your haircut look fresh for men for a longer period of time.

Before talking about what to do, how to do it, we need to know what we need in order to do that. The equipment required is a trimmer, mirror, scissors, and combs which you all already might have. These tips are DIY you don’t need a barber for that. We will release a video on this topic on our official Youtube channel Mensfluent make sure to subscribe.

Step 1 – Trim And Shave The Extra Beard

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Before trimming the beard, I am already assuming that you have done the above steps. To look fresh the first and very obvious step is to clean shave it will make your haircut look fresh for a long period of time. if you are growing your bearding then in this case trimming the extra beard is the best option to look fresh.

Step 2 – Shape The Beard

Shaping the beard is very important for style as well as to look fresh like you just came from the barber. It will make you look like you take care of yourself which is a good thing.

Step 3 – Trim The Sides

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This step is a whole game changer the above steps are also important as well. Trimming the extra side hair which is below your ear should be trimmed in order to look fresh. So to trim your extra side hair take your trimmer out and use guard 0 for the best and accurate precision and result.

Make your side hair straight with a comb and you have to cut the extra hair which is below your ear and shape it. To do that you have to be careful and calm otherwise you will screw up your hair.

Use a trimmer and cut the excess hair which is below your ear anti-clockwise. what I mean by this is trim your hair from inside to outside and make your way up there otherwise if something goes wrong you can manage.

Step 4 – Use Mirror And Remove Extra Hair

Remove extra facial hair and hair near your neck which will make your haircut look fresher for a longer period of time. It will give a very clean and sharp look.


These are some easiest and quickest DIY tips that you can do which can save you hundreds of dollars and in case you mess up your heard you can always go to the barber.

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