Dorm Essentials For College Students

Dorm Essential , Dorm Essential For College Students in 2020

Shifting out of your home to a new place could be overwhelming and tiring. It could be a big headache to decide what to bring and what to not. Don’t Worry! I got you covered. I will tell you precisely what you need to make your life easy and productive. So here are some Dorm Essentials For College Students, which are my favorite.

Bed Essentials

Essential No 1 – Bed Sheets

Bed sheets are so important and which could not be compromised because you don’t want to use the used bed sheet. So if you like hygiene and think to bring your Bedsheets, this must be essential.

Mostly I prefer to use White bed sheets or light-colored bed sheets because white looks clean, and it can lighten your room by bouncing light, and your room would look alive and fresh.

Essential No 2 – Blackout Curtain

Blackout Curtains are essential if you don’t like the light in the room during sleep during day time. Blackout Curtains are necessary because they can be beneficial, especially in summer. It will help to reduce your room temperature and block the light completely. It can also be useful for privacy.

Essential No 3 – Pillows If You Want Decent Sleep

Good sleep can lead to excellent and inadequate sleep can lead to bad days. Pillow plays a crucial role in sleep, so good pillows are essential.

Essential No 4 – Memory Foam Mattress Topper with Cover

Mattress Cover is essential if you want to sleep like a baby and be productive the next day. Sleep determines the productiveness. So good sleep is necessary, and at the end of the day tiring day, what you want is good sleep.

Essential No 5 Duvet/ Comforter

Duvet is essential if you want to sleep like a baby and be productive the next day. Sleep determines the productiveness. So good sleep is necessary, and at the end of the day tiring day, what you want is good sleep. It will keep you warm at night and maintain a good sleep.

Essential No 6 – Clothes Rack

The cloth rack is convenient is you want to go in a hurry. It can make life easier by organizing clothes and shoes to make it very handy. I recommend you if you like to organize things.

Essential No 7 – Hangers

Hangers are essential to keep you clothes organized and easy to see.

Essential No 8 – Steam Iron

Steam Iron is very Handy to remove wrinkles from clothes without damaging them. Steam Iron is a must if you have expensive clothes that have a risk of burning.

Essential No 9 – Table Lamp

A table lamp is essential if you study late at night and don’t want to stress your eyes. The table lamp is very nice to add personality to your room and to make your room very alive. What I love about this lamp is its RGB, which gives the flexibility to change the complete mood of the room and makes the room look beautiful.

Essential No 10 – Tapestry

Tapestry is a must if you want to make your empty wall look alive and add personality to your room. Add tapestry is the easiest way to decorate the room.

Essential No 11 – Power Cord

The power cord is essential if you want to charge multiple devices at the same time. If you have less power socket in the room, then it very handy to have.

Essential No 12 – Power Bank

Having a power bank is essential is you use your phone a lot and need to charge very often. If you run out of battery while studying, capturing a picture or video lecture, it is very portable and Handy.

Essential No 13 – Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers are convenient is you want to listen to music anywhere and if you like to listen to music loud. If you are having a bad day listen in good music through a nice quality speaker can completely change the mood

Essential No 14 – External Hard Drive

Having an external hard drive is essential to store and back up personal files like photos, movies, music or documents, etc

Essential No 15 – Headphones

Headphones are essential if you like to listen to music, watch video lectures without disturbing others. The headphone is also useful for privacy

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